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Welcome to our blog. We have shared our interests and hobbies which may be of interest to like minded friends and relatives. If any copyrighted material is shared it is being shared under the parameters of "Fair Use in copyright law", in which case we do not require permission to share them. You can research more about copyright information at www.copyright.gov. If you have any information you would like to share please let us know and we will be more than happy to include them in our blog.

Automotive Technology

Information we have shared about Mercedes Benz is mainly from the Mercedes Tech Centre for MB E/S Class vehicles and are copyrighted material of Mercedes Benz.  We have shared this information because we found these features to be helpful and also helped improve safety and comfort.  Please make sure you check with MB website for current information about your own vehicle as these features are constantly getting updated and it may function differently or could relate to another feature altogether from year to year.   We also wanted to encourage people to get these features, we find a lot of people buy a MB and then don’t spend another $3000 or so to get these amazing features that can make driving more enjoyable and improve safety and even further provide you assistance in making sure you are aware of your surroundings or help navigate around obstacles.

While technology has come a long way and is improving at a hectic phase will we allow a car to drive autonomously may be not, at least not yet and not in the very near future it seems!  While these technologies are great as assistance they are not yet ready to replace the human factor altogether.  Do not mean to say they don’t work, they work most of the time but not on every scenario and can’t make decision as us humans can.  Also the fact not all vehicles will have these features makes it even more difficult as they don’t communicate their intentions for your car to understand the next move of this other vehicle.  The day all vehicles have the capability to communicate (machine to machine) with each other will be the most safe roads.  Give you an example while you are driving on a high way at 100 Kmh and all of sudden heavy rain comes down and you car says all systems disabled while you the human driver can still navigate the car safely under even difficult circumstances.  But this is not to say that these features are useless to the contrary we appreciate the fact they are a great help in most instances.  Most manufacturers do not take chances in circumstance where the car may not be able to make the decision 100% accurately so they leave the decision to humans.  So get these features and think of them as assistance to you and not to replace you for driving….

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